Contingent Macro Advisors, pragmatic,
actionable and accountable analysis and
recommendations across global markets. READ MORE>

Our subscription-based research service
details our extensive process. That process
results in the most actionable and accountable
model portfolio recommendations of any
independent research provider.

Bespoke advisory and asset management
services are provided for select clients
interested in a deeper partnership and
understanding of the Contingent Macro process.


Process that incorporates risk management at every level, formulating views across entire global capital structure.

Starting with unique EPSIs scores across 36 countries, models evaluate risk premia and asset prices in the context of economic and monetary data trends.

Contingent Macro’s process enhances returns and is delivered across our business lines, subscription-based research, bespoke advisory, and asset management.


  • “As we strive to make the most of independent macro and market views, we are finding Contingent Macro Advisors to truly be of an added-value to our investment activity...”

    – Head of GTAA at a large Canadian Pension

  • “…are technical practitioners with strategic minds.”

    – Fund of Funds Partner and Chief Strategy Officer

  • “…real time insight into niche areas of the markets.”

    –Macro Hedge Fund Sr. Portfolio Manager

Differentiated strategic
approach to managing risk
in global markets >