Founded in 2010, Contingent Macro has worked with clients across the globe including central banks, commercial banks, sovereign wealth funds,  hedge funds, money managers, public and private pensions, endowments, sovereign entities, family offices, public corporations, and trusts.

We only work with clients who demonstrate integrity, passion for markets, and openness to new ideas.

We offer clients access to our world-class analytics, including the latest methods of data science applied to econometric and financial problems.   

Services include bespoke consulting services, subscription-based economic research, and macro investment portfolio solutions.   

Competing on Analytics

Relatively few firms are true analytical competitors.  Getting there means focusing on DELTA – Data, Enterprise, Leadership, Targets, Analysts

Contingent consults with clients to:

  1. Automate analytics;
  2. Develop Nowcasting and Feature Importance modeling;
  3. Develop AI-based tools including natural language processing; and, 
  4. Integrate analytics firm-wide. 
Ultimately we help you mechanize the investment process and work more efficiently on your way to a supervised, semi-supervised, or fully systematized investment process.  
Macro Research &
Portfolio Solutions

Pragmatic, actionable, and accountable analysis and recommendations across global markets.  Our flagship research product, Contingent Macro Monthly, has a published track record since June, 2010.  
US Economics

Teaming with Dr. Steve Wood, formerly of Insight Economics and the University of California at Berkeley, our subscription-based economics research service offers focused and concise analysis of major economic releases and our proprietary Nowcasting data.  
Bespoke services related to these two services include developing real-time portfolio solutions for thematic macro investments and global economic outlooks.  

Our Philosophy

Investment research is often done in an academic manner by individuals who have never managed capital and risk in global markets. Asset management is often done by portfolio managers who build research departments as an after-thought.

Contingent Macro was founded by a former hedge fund portfolio manager who wanted to build research first and focus on the process of investing and managing risk from a portfolio manager perspective. Our partners have turned that vision into a process that complements and enhances our clients’ own investment processes and business decisions.

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Contingent Macro Advisors LLC

Contingent Macro Advisors does not provide investment advice. The information posted on this site is for informational purposes only.  PAST RESULTS ARE NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS.   Any discussion of model portfolios is purely for informational research purposes only.